Maczey Concept and Educational services was set up to be a pacesetter in global education offering a comprehensive and individualized counselling and assistance throughout the entire process. All our services are fashioned to meet your personal needs.

Welcome to Maczey Education

Maczey Education is a pacesetter in educational support services that offer students the opportunity to connect with institutions of their choice and also assist them throughout the application process. We specialize in developing strategies that help our students qualify for entry scholarships in most oversea colleges and universities. Our students get accepted into top universities in Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Part of our secret is our ability to identify the uniqueness of each student and work with them in a characteristic manner that helps them attain their specific goals. Through our unique structure and individualized approach, we offer a wide range of services to students, families, and schools. We see learning as a lifelong journey that starts with identifying the student’s needs and requirements and then undertaking proper research for detecting the areas that need improvement. While identifying the student needs and solving them, we also bring out new findings that may help the choice of oversea schools that will also engage in a variety of activities to maximize productivity and ensure student success. Our goal is to help students of all ages enjoy the ride, build confidence, and achieve success.

What we do

Academic counseling
Academic Counselling is a highly reflective practice designed to help students and families find schools and learning communities in which they will thrive.

Admission processing
We assist students throughout the application process, creating a specific roadmap to meet deadlines and making sure that all required documents are submitted and acceptance received in good time for visa processing.

Visa application advising
We advise students on the best time to start the visa application process so as to meet up with start dates as well as make sure that everything required of them is included in the visa application so as to achieve success.
Flight reservation and ticketing. We partner with airlines and travel agents to get affordable tickets for our students making sure they travel at the right time to meet the academic resumption date.

Summer Program and Group Tours
We organize summer camps to different destinations for students aged 9 and 23 to help them understand different study destinations so as to enable them to make a proper choice at the right time.

Why we are different

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Our goal is to help students of all ages enjoy the ride, build confidence, and achieve success.