Academic counseling is a highly reflective practice designed to help students in the decision-making process of discovering their academic goals, planning educational programs, and developing a comprehensive academic plan for finding and selecting schools and learning communities in which they will thrive. We focus on breaking down the admission process into manageable pieces and helping students and families to stay organized and motivated. Since it’s always better to have options, we strongly advise starting admissions consulting and standardized test preparation well in advance with a strategic planning session.

Our team of professional counselors works with each student to determine the career path that meets the student’s needs and strives to help them develop strong academic success skills to succeed in college and in universities. This we have achieved through our multi-tier application process which allows time to meet program-specific requirements. We can also organize your student educational plans, discuss career and transfer options, suggest coursework for a specific semester, review assessment test results, and explore other personal concerns that may interfere with your success.